Williams Cemetery, Stonington, CT

The Williams Cemetery in the corner of Route 184 (Gold Star Highway) and Lantern Hill Road is a good example of what can happen to small family cemeteries which have no regular maintenance.  Frost heave has taken a terrible toll on fragile stone markers, and many fractured tablets are laying flat to the ground.  Lichens and mosses have also rendered most of the stones illegible.  Sandstone markers have eroded to the point where epitaphs are now illegible.  Many of the area’s founding families are represented in this small cemetery:  Miners, Shaws, Averys, Williams, Hudsons, and one stone remains to the memory of a Mystic sea captain.  This cemetery is only a few miles from the Mystic River and Old Mystic.



One thought on “Williams Cemetery, Stonington, CT

  1. Beyond The Lens Photography – I don’t want to be a stalker or annihtyg, but did I mention I LOVE #15 ..lol .and the simplicity of the shoe shot is great, and I love the dress shot! Awesome light and great placemet a very story telling image indeed! ..Not a stalker .just always checking in. Your blog is one of my favs

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