About Yankee Stones and the blogger


When Friends of Oak Grove was launched back in January 2008, http://oakgrovecemetery.wordpress.com it was to bring attention to the plight of many urban cemeteries in New England, and Oak Grove in Fall River in particular.  Since that time, the Friends of Oak Grove has taken off with tree-replanting and garden programs and eager volunteers willing to devote time and energy in the pursuit of refurbishing and restoring this historic Fall River cemetery.  I hope you will visit that site and check on the progress of the Friends from time to time.

 While working on this particular aim, other beautiful and historic cemeteries in the Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut area were visited and they deserve their own separate and special place – and so Yankee Stones has come into being. This site will feature information on funeral customs, especially of the Victorian era, slide presentations and photographs of beautiful stones and historic monuments in New England. I hope you will enjoy the information and photographs here as much as I enjoy presenting them.


One thought on “About Yankee Stones and the blogger

  1. I just read your comments about grave stone tiippng, I’m also related to the Sanchez-tereso that are buried there. I did grow up about 15 miles from the cemetery. I don’t know about them being purposely pushed over but a lot of them are sitting at such an angle because the weather is hard on them from the freeze and thaw. Yesterday was the first time we were ever there. We were at 4 or 5 cemeteries that day and there is some damage at all of them, for the most part the ones with the damage is the really old ones. I don’t know if what was used to glue them together has degraded so much over time that it doesn’t need much for them to fall over. We would like to find a way to clean the face of the stones to be able to read them better. My niece and I have gotten very interested in the family trees of both sides of our families. I would love to know if you have any pictures of the Sanchez-Tereso buried at the Halferty Cemetery? Your web site is very interesting, my husband was Army for 22 years and we were stationed in southern Germany three times. Sadly we weren’t interested in this at the time so we lost opportunity to visit the graves. I would like to keep in touch with you if you don’t mind. Please send me an e-mail address I can use. Linda

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